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Transmission Replacement

Did you know it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to get your transmission replaced? It doesn't matter if your car has a manual or automatic transmission system, call 12th Street Auto Care Center today. Speak to one of our ASE-certified technicians about your transmission system problems, possible repair options and replacement plans. Trust our knowledgeable and experienced mechanics to take care of your vehicle's transmission so you can get back on the road safe and sound.

ASE and AAA Approved Transmission Replacement Shop

12th Street Auto Care Center is proud to be ASE and AAA certified. That means you can trust our mechanics to take care of your manual or automatic transmission system. Your transmission is required to switch between gears, so when it’s giving you trouble, make an appointment at our local Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop ASAP. Our ASE-certified technicians have been specially trained to inspect, diagnose and either repair or replace all parts in your vehicle’s transmission system. Trust 12th Street Auto Care Center to provide friendly service and product satisfaction.

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Transmission Components

Your transmission system is responsible for moving power from the engine to the wheels, as well as switching gears as you move forward, move faster, shift into neutral, or reverse. Since your system does so much for your car, truck, van or SUV, it’s important to understand a few basics.

Automatic Transmission

If you own an automatic transmission vehicle, your gears shift as you accelerate. You still have to control whether you’re moving forward, reversing, going into neutral or parking. But as you speed up, your transmission automatically moves you from first to second, third, fourth and fifth gears. The shift down back to first gear is also automatic.

Manual Transmission

For manual transmission vehicles, you are responsible for changing gears as you speed up. Failure to do so can have catastrophic consequences for your transmission system. And for a manual system, you have to do more than just move the gear stick as you shift between gears. You have to press down on the clutch, which is the extra pedal manual transmission vehicles have to the left of the brake pedal. When you press the clutch, it disconnects the engine from your transmission system so you can switch gears, then when you release the clutch it reconnects your engine to the transmission system.

That’s why it’s so important for you to call 12th Street Auto Care Center as soon as you notice a problem when switching gears. When you need a transmission system replacement, trust our local Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop to get the job done right.

Transmission Fluid

Whether you own a manual or automatic transmission vehicle, your system still requires fluids to:

  • help lubricate components
  • cool the hot parts
  • condition gaskets
  • and increase the rotational speeds and temperature ranges

Since this fluid is so important, you need to know what kind your car needs and should have your fluid checked every 50,000 miles.

Types of Transmission Fluid

There are four types of transmission fluids your vehicle may require. Here’s a little more information about each.

Dextron and Mercon

The most common type of transmission fluid is Dextron and Mercon. They contain friction modifiers that protect the internal components of your transmission system.

Highly Friction Modified

Highly Friction Modified (HFM) fluids also protect the internal components of your transmission system, but the friction modifiers are more effective.


These oils are more expensive but are specifically designed to withstand dramatic temperature changes and reduce friction, shearing and oxidation.

Hypoid Gear Oil

In some manual transmission vehicles, this oil is used to resist extreme temperatures and pressure.

If you’re not sure which fluid is best for your vehicle, call 12th Street Auto Care Center. One of our knowledgeable technicians will help you out.

Common Transmission Problems

There are many indicators your transmission system is experiencing difficulties. Here are a few signs indicating there is something wrong with your system.

  • Gears won’t shift
  • Car won’t move
  • Burning smell
  • Buzzing, clunking or humming sounds
  • Fluid leak
  • Check Engine light appears
  • Low or dirty transmissions
  • Gears shift on their own
  • Gears are shaky

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these symptoms, there may be something wrong with your transmission system. While our mechanics can repair just about anything, if your system is too far gone, you will require a full replacement. At 12th Street Auto Care Center, you can get financing options to help make your transmission replacement a smooth, affordable process.

When your car, truck, van or SUV starts acting up, turn to 12th Street Auto Care Center. Our trained technicians are happy to check your systems and offer repairs or replacements, depending on your needs.

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