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From a simple oil change to an engine overhaul, we’ve got top-of-the-line equipment and highly trained experts in every area of auto repair and maintenance from bumper to bumper. We can patch up your tire or replace your entire cooling system, and we do all of it, every day, with integrity and grace, confident in the knowledge that we’re helping out a friend, a neighbor, a family member. 12th Street Auto Repair is truly in the business of serving our community. Click through our menu to find detailed descriptions of the services we provide. And if for some reason you don’t find what you’re looking for, call and talk to one of our specialists today. You can trust that if it’s auto related, we can handle it, and we can handle it well, getting you back on the road safe and smiling.

Auto Services

The Midwest is no stranger to the occasional sweltering hot summer day, so don’t wait to make sure your AC system is up to the task. You should be checking and servicing your air conditioning and heating every season. 12th Street Auto will ensure everything is working properly and advise you on any potential issues so you can avoid potentially costly repairs in the future.

Your battery is the life source for all the critical electronic components of your car. Let 12th Street Auto keep your battery healthy and fully functioning for as long as possible so you stay safe and secure on the road. When the time does come for replacement, we can make that process easy and affordable for you.

Belts and hoses are key to keeping many of the systems in your automobile running smoothly. They need to be repaired quickly and replaced regularly, which is not only a simple fix but also an affordable one. Staying on top of your routine belt and hose replacement will save you potentially thousands of dollars in needless repairs over the life of your vehicle. Let us help save you that money.

The nice thing about brakes is that they typically last for years (and tens of thousands of miles). When the time eventually comes to replace your brakes or pads, or both, 12th Street Auto makes sure you get quality products and services to get you back on the road for years to come.

Your driveline components will keep your car on the straight and narrow, literally. It’s easy to keep your drivelines in order when checked on a routine basis, but it gets more difficult and costly the longer it’s neglected. 12th Street Auto wants you safe on the road, which means aligned drivelines. Bring your car in to have your driveshaft, differentials, axle shafts, and joints checked out.

Your drivelines will keep your car on the straight and narrow, literally. It is easy to keep your drivelines in order, but it gets more difficult and leads to additional challenges when not taken care of earlier on. 12th Street Auto wants you safe on the road, which means aligned drivelines. Bring your car in to have your drivelines straightened out.

Engine repairs are often the most dreaded by anyone with a car, but they don’t have to be. With proper, prompt care and treatment of your engine – like paying attention to your check engine lights and getting regular service on your vehicle – you can avoid major damage and save a ton of money. In any event, 12th Street Auto is here to service and repair your engine no matter how small or extensive the issue is.

No one wants a noisy car chugging down the road or the risk of being exposed to carbon monoxide because of poor emissions or a broken or lost muffler. Bring your car in to 12th Street Auto and we’ll get your exhaust system in order, making sure both you and your vehicle breathe easy.

We offer National Accounts in Sioux Falls, SD. Contact us for more information.

New technologies have enabled vehicles to go beyond 3 months or 3,000 miles between regular oil changes. It all depends on your vehicle and how you drive. Bring your car in to 12th Street Auto and we’ll get you on a regular service schedule that works for you, your driving routine, and your car.

Nothing feels worse than taking one hand off the wheel and having your car veer right or left. This can happen when your car gets out of alignment, and it can become very serious if it contributes to an accident on the road. Your suspension, steering, and alignment should be checked annually, and we can take care of that for you.

Tire Installation can be expensive and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. 12th Street Auto works with a number of vendors to offer you everything from top-of-the-line tires to the most affordable new treads with proven safety records. Bring your car in to have your current tires checked and receive a quote for replacement tires.

You don’t always have to replace a whole tire or a set of tires because of a flat. Bring your car in to 12th Street Auto and we’ll repair a simple nail in the tread or minor damage. We want to get you back out on the road with as little effort and pain as possible.

Your tires should be rotated about as often as your oil is changed. Let us take care of both for you at the same time. At 12th Street Auto, we can set up a maintenance schedule that keeps your car serviced affordably from end to end so you feel good every time you get in.

Your transmission requires regular fluid level checks and occasional flushing to make sure your gears shift smoothly and easily. 12th Street Auto will happily service your transmission to help simplify the process and keep you shifting into high gear with confidence.

Tune-ups for your car are essential to its ongoing maintenance, just like with your body. Your parts need to be checked, tested, topped off, and replaced to keep your vehicle running safely and smoothly for the full length of its life. Regularly scheduled tune-ups will save you thousands of dollars in costly and unnecessary repairs down the road.

Just like suspension, wheel alignments are important to keep your car safe on the road. Wheels that get out of alignment could cost you more in gas, wear out more quickly, and make it more difficult to steer. Every time you rub or hit a curb, speed bump, or pothole, and certainly every time you get into a fender bender, your car shifts out of alignment a bit. Come on in to 12th Street Auto and we’ll get you straightened out.

Your exhaust system is essential to the health of your car and the people around you, as it pipes toxic gases and fumes away from your internal combustion engine. Servicing your exhaust regularly is an important part of maintenance that can save your car and, potentially, your life.  12th Street Auto is happy to do the job for you.

For the high-end, fancy exhaust system lovers out there, we’ve got what you’re looking for. We offer Vogue Performance exhaust system setup, checkup, and repair. Bring your car in to 12th Street Auto today.

The cost of a transmission replacement doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. Call 12th Street Auto today and we can take a look at your vehicle, provide you with a quote, and even discuss financing. The bottom line is that we want you on the road safe. We’ll find a way to make that happen.

Every car needs a radiator, and we sell a full range of radiators to keep your engine cool. Come in to 12th Street Auto to meet with a member of our sales team and discuss the radiator that’s best for your car and your pocketbook. Once you’ve picked one out, we’ll schedule the installation in our shop at your convenience.

The front end of your car is made up of several small components, including tie rods, arms, joints, shocks, and struts. Having even one of them out of place will slowly pull all the rest out of place as well, causing steering challenges and putting you in potential danger. 12th Street Auto is fully equipped to get your front end back into alignment and back on the road safely. Call today for an appointment.

One of the most expensive and time-consuming jobs you can do on a car is replacing the engine. In fact, it’s often easier to simply replace the whole vehicle. But not always. 12th Street Auto will help you make the decision that’s best for you, your car, and your wallet. Call today for an appointment to get a free quote.

Technology is amazing and has brought us major advancements, many of which are now in today’s vehicles. But one little electrical blip can be frustrating for a driver unfamiliar with the electrical system. 12th Street Auto is prepared to diagnose and fix all electrical issues in your car, big and small. Come in and see us today to discuss your electrical service.

So many little lights and warnings on your dashboard. They can be difficult to interpret and even more difficult to understand how to fix. 12th Street Auto offers full-service computerized diagnostics. We’ll tell you what’s going on and what needs to be done to fix it.

We’ve got the equipment in our shop to talk to the computer in your car. So if you feel like something is off, or your check engine light has come on, call us today for an appointment, and we’ll have a diagnostic discussion with your vehicle.

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You don’t have to be an expert to know that preventive maintenance is the best way to make sure your vehicle is running properly. Use our interactive vehicle tool to learn about the maintenance and services your NAPA AutoCare Center can provide.

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