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12th Street Auto promises to put integrity into every service we provide you, no matter how big or small. We promise you will be taken care of from the moment you walk in, and that you will walk away feeling like a member of our family. We promise to treat your car as we treat our own. We promise that we are thinking foremost of keeping you safe on the road, of what works best for you financially and service wise. And finally, we promise to keep our promises.

Our Story

12th Street Auto Care is run by Shane Copeland and Chad Kaemingk, 50/50 partners and owners, and stereotypical yin and yang of auto repair. Shane started out with rebuilding a broken down 1971 Chevy Pickup with his dad when he was just a kid. Repair is in his blood, and he loves to know all the ins and outs of what makes a car, any car, tick. Chad is no stranger to the repair side of things. His dad owned a repair shop when Chad was growing up, and Chad started collecting a $5 a day paycheck for doing donut runs and sweeping floors. But Chad quickly found his home in the front of the house, working one on one with clients, shaking hands, putting people at ease, building rapport and trust with people he hoped to see back again and again.

If 12th Street Auto represents any one thing it is integrity.  Both Shane and Chad have been the subject of a cranky boss or a company that doesn’t treat its employees well, and they knew they wanted better. Instead of continuing to look for that “perfect job,” they decided to create the perfect job. That is how 12th Street Auto was born.

12th Street Auto is the brainchild of two men who believe that integrity is the most important quality any company can have. They built this auto repair shop from the ground up, happy to hang their shingle in Sioux Falls and service the community of a big city like it’s a small town, with warmth, with kindness, and with compassion.


What Can 12th Street Auto Do For You?

Everything. In short, Shane, the man behind the repairs, and Chad, the man behind customer service, can fix any problem, with any car, in practically any time frame, on practically any budget. They will find a way to work with you. Why? Because keeping you safe on the road, making it fit with your lifestyle, and keeping you happy enough to come back, are their top goals.

In order to meet those goals, 12th Street Auto is a shop that is constantly innovating whether it is with top of the line, state of the art equipment, or financing companies to help their clients in desperate need. Whatever the trouble, big or small, 12 Street Auto will find a way to meet your automotive needs. Many companies say the customer is always right, but 12th Street Auto really means it. This is a business that wants more than to simply help you; it wants to earn and maintain your trust.

Another important way 12 Street Auto keeps the shop among the best in the business is through its employees. Most people who have been in the workforce for awhile have been on the chopping block in front of an angry boss before – underpaid, overworked – and we all know that is no way to run a successful business. Happy, well cared for employees contribute to happy, well cared for clients who come back, and bring their friends with them. So at 12th Street Auto only the kindest and most eager to learn and please employees are hired, and then management helps those employees grow to be their best selves on the job. Every single positive review 12th Street Auto gets online about its employees is a point of personal pride for its business owners and its employees.


How 12th Street Auto Sees It

Shane and Chad see 12th Street Auto as their calling, and so far, time has proven them correct. Everyone has a certain talent they were born with, and these two men have not only found their talents in auto repair and customer service, not only in running a successful business, but also in finding each other. They have become truly the best of friends and business partners, and they see that as a true blessing.

To pay that blessing forward, Chad and Shane show up to work every single day to treat each employee and each client the way they treat each other, with respect, with friendship, and with integrity. They looked out at the world of auto repair, and instead of simply complaining about what they didn’t like, they took that and created a better reality: 12th Street Auto. It is the vision of 12th Street auto that in its own small way, it can change the world.

For every single employee that stays year after year, or that leaves for a different career but with enhanced and strengthened skills, and for every client that finally feels like he can let his guard down, or that breathes a sigh of relief that she can pick her kids up from school in a safe car, 12th Street Auto helps make the world a better place. Whether it’s with quality auto parts, elite service, or on the ground problem solving, the bottom line is that happy, respected people go out into the world and help make more happy, respected people.


What 12th Street Auto Holds Dear

As much as 12th Street Auto is about auto repair and running a profitable business, the true value is its people. It is the utmost belief at the shop, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that without the good people, both the employees and the clients, that make up the business,12th Street Auto would be nothing. The trust and the respect of the people that work so hard for every day above all else.

Everyone at 12 Street Auto, from the newest employee to the founders, makes it a point to put you at ease, to be clear with you on the diagnosis of your vehicle, and to put their combined efforts to the test to make your repairs work for you. There is no better compliment to the the team at 12 Street Auto than repeat business and referrals. They place utmost importance on their word, working hard to keep promises and commitments and follow through with plans they’ve made for repair and service. And they value your word as well, each time you speak of them with kindness and respect, they know they have completed a job well done.

In the end, the team at 12th Street Auto knows how hard it is to have to deal with auto repairs, how frustrating, even anxiety ridden. They know the last thing you want is to take time and money out of your life to fix your car. It is their promise to you that they will make this process as painless as possible, on your schedule and your wallet. These people are your friends, your confidantes, and the number you’re gonna want programmed into your phone.

Just in case.



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