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Welcome to 12th Street Auto

At 12th Street Auto, we are your friendly local auto shop, founded and run by Shane Copeland and Chad Kaemingk and our team of professionals. We pride ourselves on integrity, service, and innovation. Our team’s goal is to make sure you get what you need for your car to run safely, no matter the problem or your budget. Enter our shop treated like a valued member of our family, just as each employee, from the receptionist to the owner, is a valued member. It’s our highest aim to be personal, professional, and compassionate. Our core ideal of integrity runs through every aspect of our shop, from hiring to pricing, to physical service and repair. The overall wellness and satisfaction – for our team members, our customers, and the vehicles – is critical to the success of our shop.

Our team at 12th Street Auto doesn’t just simply want to gain your business. We want to earn your respect.

Auto Repair Services

We want your auto repair to be simple and painless, both for you and for your budget. We can service any car and meet you where you are at financially. Our number one goal is to get you back on the road safely and happily. 12th Street Auto prides itself on our quick and efficient service, always keeping your safety and the integrity of your vehicle foremost in our minds. We can do any job, big or small, all at once or on several different visits. Call us today to discuss your needs.

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Benefits of 12th Street Auto

Specializing in What You Need

At 12th Street Auto, we take every job seriously and we treat every customer like a member of our family. No service is too big or too small. We don’t specialize in specific cars or jobs. We specialize in whatever our clients need.

Engine & Transmission

Engine and transmission work typically involves heavy duty, time consuming, and, at times, life-altering repair. Our primary focus in this area is prevention. Make sure you’re coming in for regular maintenance to avoid disaster. But don’t worry, even in the event of disaster, we’ll find a way to help. Your safety matters to us.

Car Warning Light


Electrical issues with a car can be small and inconsequential, but they can often feel like a major interruption in your life. Fortunately, we’ve got both the equipment and the specialists to diagnose and repair any electrical issue you’re having. When a warning light will not go away, don’t ignore it. Let us check it out before it becomes serious.

Steering & Alignment

Talk about staying on the straight and narrow. Finding your steering off or your tires out of alignment can be, at first, just annoying. In the long run though, it can cause major damage to the rest of your car. Be sure to bring your car in for routine maintenance, and let us know if you’re feeling anything off in the meantime.

Brakes and Tires

Brakes & Tires

We live in snow country, so while you may be able to get away with riding your tread too low during those hot summer months, or pushing through your brake pads for a few more miles in the fall, once the snow and rain hit the ground, you’re gonna want to be prepared. Take the preventative route and don’t wait until it’s too late.

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