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Manual Transmission Components

With a lower cost to maintain, better vehicle handling, and increased fuel efficiency, a manual transmission is the preferred choice of millions of drivers still today, though it has lost its popularity, due to the convenience of the automatic transmission. But, should you drive a stick-shift, 12th Street Auto Care Center can repair your manual transmission and vehicle for you, and we can offer financing, should you need it.

Manual Transmission Components

The easier of the transmissions to maintain longevity, the manual transmission is simpler in design and practicality, depending on the roads we drive. Up-hill and stop-and-go driving is not handled well by a manual transmission, whereas an automatic transmission handles it a lot better. Regardless of these two moments in driving, a manual transmission is comprised of gears, shafts, something to change gears called a gear selector fork and a clutch. Transmission fluid is still needed by a manual transmission, but it does not use the fluid to operate. The fluid is used for cooling and lubrication, not the changing of gears, like in an automatic transmission. Each car with a stick-shift has its own preference of oil or fluid.

Where To Begin With A Manual Transmission?

Simpler than an automatic transmission, but still with its own complex parts, a manual transmission is a fun thing to try. It is fun to drive a vehicle with a stick-shift. With where to start when looking at a manual transmission is at the very thing that makes it fun to drive: the clutch.

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