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Transmission Fluid Pump Repair

A complicated mechanism like an automatic transmission system is going to have its decent share of mechanical challenges as well as upkeep needs. Transmission fluid leakages and steel parts deteriorate from usage. Though we would like them to last forever, the ASE-certified vehicle technicians at 12th Street Auto Care Center can repair or change your transmission, with funding if required.

Local Sioux Falls, SD Auto Transmission Fluid Pump Repair

Much like a heart, the auto transmission fluid pump pushes transmission fluid throughout the automatic transmission system to lubricate the metallic moving parts of your engine, such as gears, within the mechanism to prevent wear. It also pressurizes the transmission fluid to increase the effectiveness of the hydraulic system that sets in motion the valves within the valve body.

If you are encountering automatic transmission system problems with your vehicle, call 12th Street Auto Care Center. We are a trusted local Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop with ASE-certified mechanics. Give us a call for all your auto transmission fluid pump repair needs.

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