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Planetary Gear Set Replacement

A complicated mechanism like an automatic transmission is going to have its decent share of mechanical problems and maintenance needs, with transmission fluid leaks and steel components wearing away from usage. Though we want them to last permanently, the ASE auto technicians at 12th Street Auto Care Center can repair or replace your transmission, with financing if required.

Planetary Gear Set

In an automatic transmission, the planetary gear set is responsible for every gear ratio that your vehicle uses in order to convert the speed and power of the engine into the rotating power, or torque, that your tires need to move your vehicle. A car not moving or a loss of power with your vehicle could mean a failed planetary gear set. With lubrication via transmission fluid, provided by the automatic transmission fluid pump, that works like a heart to pump fluid through the whole of the automatic transmission, the teeth of the planetary gears are able to properly run and create every different gear ratio. Every automatic transmission holds two whole planetary gear sets.

Also known as epicyclic gearing, the planetary gear set consists of mounted gears that revolve around a center gear and produce torque, or rotational force. It sends the force through the output shaft to the wheels. With consistent lubrication with transmission fluid, the gears should not grind down as quickly. However, should you hear a grinding or other abnormal noise, we recommend a 12th Street Auto visit, so we can fix it quick and on a budget.

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