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Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

A complicated system like an automatic transmission is going to have its reasonable share of mechanical issues as well as upkeep demands, with transmission fluid leakages and metal components wearing away from usage. Though we want them to last forever, the ASE vehicle technicians at 12th Street Auto Care Center can repair or change your transmission, with financing if required.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Pressurized automatic transmission fluid is one of the most important components in an automatic transmission, because it helps to shift from one gear to the next, it lubricates every mechanical part within the transmission, and prevents it from overheating. With onboard vehicle computers and sensors, it is easy to monitor and control the flow of transmission fluid flowing through the transmission. It is crucial to change your automatic transmission fluid every 30,000 to 50,000 miles to maintain a healthy and long-lasting vehicle.

Are There More Parts in an Automatic Transmission?

There are many parts within an automatic transmission, and there are a few other automatic transmission parts that are part of the drivetrain, or are important to the rotating power to your vehicle.

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