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Automatic Transmission Components

A complex mechanism like an automatic transmission is going to have its fair share of mechanical issues and maintenance demands, with transmission fluid leaks and metal parts wearing away from use. Though we want them to last forever, the ASE car mechanics at 12th Street Auto Care Center can repair or replace your transmission, with financing if needed.

Automatic Transmission Components

Being, perhaps, more popular and easier to drive, a car with an automatic transmission has less of a learning curve and is very enjoyable. However, due to how complex its mechanical structure is and all of the parts that go into making it function properly, it can still require as many repairs as a stick-shift, if not more. For maintaining your automatic transmission, changing out the transmission filter, flushing your transmission fluid, regularly getting it serviced or annually inspected, using the right type of transmission fluid and getting your engine’s cooling system serviced can deter a lot of damage to it.

Where To Begin With An Automatic Transmission?

With all of the parts that there are in an automatic transmission, it is hard to pinpoint importance, because every part is equally important. But, one of the most important jobs of a transmission is to not only provide power to the wheels of your vehicle, but torque through the torque converter.

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You don’t have to be an expert to know that preventive maintenance is the best way to make sure your vehicle is running properly. Use our interactive vehicle tool to learn about the maintenance and services your NAPA AutoCare Center can provide.

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