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Suspension Repair

When you're driving on uneven surfaces, it's your suspension that keeps your vehicle from wobbling all over the road. Your suspension system increases friction for your tires so they stay in contact with the surface you're driving over. Without your suspension system, you can't control your car very well. That's why you should call 12th Street Auto Care Center the moment you suspect your suspension may be off.

ASE and AAA Approved Suspension Repair Shop

12th Street Auto Care Center is proud to be ASE and AAA certified. That means our mechanics have passed nationally recognized tests to prove they are qualified to work on different aspects of your vehicle. When you’re having suspension troubles, stop by our local Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop. Our ASE-certified mechanics will inspect, diagnose and either repair or replace your suspension system. Trust 12th Street Auto Care Center to provide fast and friendly service, and product satisfaction.

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Suspension System Components

Your suspension system keeps your car moving straight, even when you take your hands off the wheel (not recommended for safety reasons). If you’re veering left or right, something is likely wrong with your suspension. When this happens, call 12th Street Auto Care Center to inspect your suspension, steering and alignment. Each of these areas should be checked by a professional each year. If you notice a problem, you should call us right away.

If you’re not sure what parts make up your suspension system, here’s a quick explanation.

Coil Springs

Your coil springs absorb the impact when your tires hit bumps, roll over uneven surfaces or encounter rough terrain. Pay attention the next time you move over a speed bump or hit a pothole. Your coil springs are the ones absorbing most of that impact.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers, also known as “shocks” or “dampers,” are connected to the coil springs. Together, they work to absorb higher-impact vibrations. The shock absorbers are activated for deeper potholes, when you run over something large or if you hit a severe bump.

Sway Bar

The sway bar is shaped like the letter “u” and connects to your front wheels. It also goes by the name of “stabilizer bar.” When you turn your vehicle, the weight distributes to one side and sways a bit. The sway bar controls your wheels’ suspension so the weight is distributed in such a way that your car is as flat as possible during turns and your tires never leave the ground. Basically, the sway bar increases your car’s stability.

Other parts of your suspension system include joints, bearings and other, smaller, components that work together to keep your suspension system moving and working properly.

Signs Your Suspension Needs Repairs

There are many indicators your suspension system is in need of repair or replacement. But how can you be certain it’s your suspension and not another part that’s having issues? Here are a few signs indicating your suspension system needs a little help.

  • Difficulty steering
  • Unusually bumpy ride
  • Car leans to one side when empty
  • Car drifts or pulls to one side when turning
  • Greasy/oily shock absorbers
  • Bouncing forward when braking or backward when accelerating

If your vehicle is displaying any of these symptoms, call 12th Street Auto Care Center. If you leave your system in disrepair for too long, it can affect other parts of your vehicle and suddenly an easy fix turns into an expensive repair or replacement.

Remember, when your car, truck, SUV or van starts acting up, turn to 12th Street Auto Care Center. Visit our Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop and our ASE-certified mechanics would be happy to inspect your suspension system and offer an affordable suspension repair or replacement.

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