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Voltmeter Testing Coolant

Pro cooling system service technicians are more than happy to fix and help preserve your engine's endurance. One method to maintain it running is by making sure that the cooling system protects against the engine from overheating. In some cases, special equipment is required in order to service an engine's cooling system, which are owned by vehicle repair shops like 12th Street Auto Care Center.

Checking to See If Your Antifreeze Has an Electronic Current

Whereas a coolant hydrometer tests the temperature of the antifreeze, a voltmeter tests for electrical currents. By using a voltmeter, we are able to check if the coolant running through your engine cooling system is carrying an electronic current. Coolant is not supposed to carry an electronic current through your engine cooling system, because it can tamper with your car’s computer system or cause serious damage to the inside of your engine. If we test your antifreeze, and the voltmeter tells us that your antifreeze is carrying a strong electronic current, it is time to replace it. But there is one more way to make absolutely certain that your coolant is in need of replacing. We can test the pH of your coolant to see if it is too basic or too acidic.

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