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Engine Coolant Replacement

Expert cooling system service technicians are happy to fix and help preserve your engine's durability. One way to keep it running is by guaranteeing that the cooling system helps prevent the engine from overheating. Often, unique tools is needed in order to service an engine's cooling system, which are owned by automobile repair shops like 12th Street Auto Care Center.

Signs My Coolant Needs Replacing

At times, it is not the coolant leaks that cause your engine to overheat, but the use of coolant itself. After years of use, antifreeze, or coolant, can lose its usefulness and no longer work as well to prevent your engine from freezing or overheating. Depending on the kind of coolant you fill your engine cooling system with, it can last from about three years to seven. Also, different coolants have different colors. Some include green, red, blue, yellow, orange and pink.

There are a few ways to tell when your coolant needs to be replaced. If the color of your antifreeze is not the same as when you first poured it in, it is probably time to refresh it.

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