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Coolant Reservoir Replacement

At 12th Street Auto Care Center, our ASE-certified expert mechanics are happy to replace your coolant reservoir tank. Call or visit our local Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop today, or schedule an appointment online.

Local Sioux Falls, SD Engine Coolant Reservoir Replacement

Coolant is designed to move heat away from your engine, which helps it keep from overheating. But where does the coolant go? Back into the radiator. But sometimes overflow from the radiator travels through a hose into the radiator overflow tank, or coolant tank.

Due to the design of the radiator pressure cap functioning in partnership with the overflow tank, the engine cooling system stays a closed cooling system, allowing no air to enter it. Without air, your car, truck, van or SUV’s cooling system is dependable and effective.

The accumulated overflow of coolant from the radiator eventually cools off. When this takes place, the coolant is returned to the water pump and rejoins the cycle by a vacuum generated by the reduction of temperatures within the cooling system. With the radiator and coolant tank being one solution of removing the heat from the coolant, there is another course that the coolant can take, which is through the heater core.

If you notice a coolant leak, you may require a coolant reservoir replacement. Call 12th Street Auto Care Center today for local Sioux Falls, SD auto repairs.

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