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Brake Shoes and Drums

Drum brakes and shoes that work properly are an important safety component for driving and stopping. They should be carefully maintained. Our ASE service technicians have been trained and have experience inspecting and replacing the drum brakes on vehicles for our customers in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas. For details, talk with one of our service managers at 12th Street Auto Care Center!

How Do Brake Drums Work?

Brake drums rotate with the wheel and house the brake components. When engaged, the shoes push out against the inside of the drum. This cylinder (and other components within the brake system) can wear out. This slows the wheel (and the car, truck, SUV, or minivan). When this system is not maintained or needs repairs, it can cause dangerous driving conditions. Brake drums are very different than disc brakes with rotors, and how they are maintained is in our area of expertise.

When Do Brake Shoes Need Repairs?

Brake shoes commonly wear away from rubbing that occurs when you brake. This common wear and tear that happens on any vehicle. A service advisor should inspect the brake drum anytime there is squealing or grinding during braking. If repair or replacement is needed, it is a very straight forward process for our service techs.

What If It Isn’t A Problem With The Shoes?

Our inspection will reveal which components are causing the issue. If brake shoes need replacement, we can give you the cost and several options. If it is another vehicle components, appropriate recommendations will be given. If driving continues after the shoes are completely worn out, metal brake components grind against the drum. If the brake drum is damaged badly enough, it will need to be resurfaced or replaced.

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