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Automotive Belts and Hoses

Your vehicle is full of important belts and hoses that help generate and transfer heat, transport or pump lubricants, oils and more. It's important to keep an eye on the wear and tear of your belts and hoses, or risk serious and expensive complications. When you suspect something is wrong with anything under your hood, come straight to 12th Street Auto Care Center for a thorough inspection, repair options or recommended replacements. Our certified mechanics can help keep your belts and hoses working at full capacity, which makes your vehicle safe to drive.

ASE and AAA Approved Auto Belt and Hose Repair Shop

12th Street Auto Care Center is proud to be a local Sioux Falls, SD ASE and AAA-certified auto repair shop. That means our mechanics have the education and experience you need for top-quality car inspections, vehicle repairs and part replacements. Trust our technicians to take care of everything under your hood, including the replacement of worn or frayed belts, leaking hoses and more. If you suspect a belt is loose or a hose isn’t connected properly, call 12th Street Auto Care Center. Our trained professionals will provide friendly service, clearly explain the issues they find and walk you through repair or replacement options that we offer at affordable prices.

auto belts and hoses under the hood

Belts and Hoses

Do you know how many belts and hoses you have under your hood? How about their names and purposes? Understanding the components in your car is half the battle to properly maintain your parts. Here’s a quick explanation of the important belts and hoses your vehicle has running through its engine system.

Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt is a large rubber belt that helps move power throughout the engine. This is an important belt that is also called a fan belt, accessory belt or drive belt. When you hear someone talking about a serpentine belt, know that this is the one that moves power to your alternator, power steering pump, crankshaft pulley, air conditioning compressor and the water pump, if your vehicle has one. Because it is involved in so many systems, it’s important to make sure this belt doesn’t slip off-center and is changed right away if it begins to wear or fray.

Timing Belt

Your timing belt is like a large rubber band that lets the crankshaft turn the camshaft. This process is important because the camshaft is responsible for opening and closing valves in time with your engine’s pistons. If your timing belt tears or falls out of place, your engine immediately stops working and now you’re stuck on the side of the road.

Engine Hoses

Hoses help move important fluids throughout your engine. Some of the fluids, like coolant, are responsible for cooling your engine, moving the heated coolant to the radiator to cool down again, then recirculating through your engine to keep it from overheating. Hoses also work to create pressure for certain functions that keep your engine working at full efficiency. The hoses under your hood are so important that you should regularly inspect them to ensure there are no leaks, brittle hoses or otherwise damaged components.

Common belt and hose problems

When there’s something wrong with the belts or hoses under your hood, your car will let you know. There are a few signs to look for that indicate a belt has torn, is loose, has snapped or is not properly in place, and there are other signs that reveal problems with your hoses. Here are a few of the most common symptoms to look for.

  • Visible fraying, splitting or glazing belts
  • Engine overheats
  • Power steering goes out
  • Squealing, knocking or slapping sounds
  • Cracks, bulging or nicks in hoses
  • Soft sections of hoses
  • Leaks
  • Hard, glassy hoses

If any or all of these problems appear, call 12th Street Auto Care Center immediately. Don’t risk overheating your engine or driving while leaking important lubricating fluids. Our knowledgeable and experienced mechanics can help diagnose the exact problem before the damage spreads. They’ll offer the appropriate repair or replacement options to keep your belts and hoses working at maximum efficiency.

As an extra precaution, you should make an annual appointment with 12th Street Auto Care Center so one of our technicians can inspect your vehicle’s belts and hoses every year. This is especially important if you notice any of the listed symptoms. But the best way to keep your car healthy is to have it serviced regularly at our Sioux Falls auto repair shop before components start to break down.

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