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Auto Muffler Repair

You don't want to be the annoyingly loud car chugging down the road every day because of a broken or lost muffler. When your car starts making strange or really loud sounds, call 12th Street Auto Care Center. Our local, Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop's ASE-certified mechanics will repair or replace your muffler so your car stops releasing pollution into the environment and can pass its next emissions test. Call 12th Street Auto Care Center today for the best auto muffler repair in town.

ASE and AAA Approved Muffler Repair Shop

12th Street Auto Care Center — your local Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop — is proud to be ASE and AAA-certified. You can trust our mechanics to inspect and repair or replace your vehicle’s muffler, or any other part of your exhaust system. There’s no reason you should have to deal with your car loudly roaring through the neighborhood each day. Our technicians have been specially trained to inspect, diagnose and either repair or replace all parts in your vehicle. Trust 12th Street Auto Care Center to provide friendly service to fix your muffler.

auto muffler repair Sioux Falls, SD

Understanding Your Muffler

Your muffler helps reduce the loud noises your engine generates. This is one of the most important parts of your exhaust system because it not only keeps your car comfortably quiet, but it also allows your vehicle to release excess exhaust gas.

If your muffler is damaged, falls off or isn’t properly installed, you won’t pass the emissions test. You’ll also drive around in a very loud vehicle no one will appreciate.

All parts of the exhaust system — muffler, exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, exhaust valve, engine manifold — work together to ensure your car is running safely and efficiently. If one part stops working or is damaged, it could harm other components as well. That’s why it’s so important to call 12th Street Auto Care Center right away when you notice a problem. We offer affordable auto muffler repairs, and we’re happy to inspect your other systems, too.

Common Muffler Problems

Mufflers are often damaged during collisions or if they’re exposed to too much moisture or heat. When you’re involved in any kind of collision, your muffler can be cracked or get pushed out of alignment. If there is too much moisture, rust can form and compromise the integrity of your muffler. If your vehicle is exposed to too much heat, the metal of your muffler can become weak.

You should conduct regular inspections of your vehicle, and since the muffler is visible, it’s easy to check. Here are a few other signs that something is wrong with your muffler.

  • Loud roaring sounds coming from engine
  • Smelly exhaust fumes
  • Burning smell
  • Misfiring (hesitating or shaking motor)
  • Unable to accelerate easily
  • Dramatic drop in miles per gallon

Other than these less obvious signs, you may notice your muffler is cracked, broken, missing, rusting or otherwise compromised. When you notice any of the symptoms listed above, or see visible problems with your muffler, call 12th Street Auto Care Center. Our trained team of ASE-certified mechanics will inspect and diagnose the issue, then offer an affordable auto muffler repair or replacement.

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