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Auto Battery Check, Recharge and Replacement

When your car battery starts dying down, call 12th Street Auto Care Center. We’ve got a variety of batteries to choose from that can power your engine for years to come. Speak to one of our helpful ASE-certified mechanics and have your auto battery tested to see if it can be recharged. We’ll power it up at our local Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop, or we'll offer a suitable auto battery replacement. Call 12th Street Auto Care Center today and trust our certified technicians to perform a battery check, recharge or replacement.

ASE and AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop

12th Street Auto Care Center is proud to be ASE and AAA certified. You can trust our mechanics to test, recharge or replace your vehicle’s battery. Remember, your battery is the heart of your engine. Without it, you can’t do anything — not even turn on the interior lights. When you’re having battery troubles, stop by our auto shop. Our technicians have been specially trained to inspect, diagnose and either repair or replace all parts in your vehicle. Trust 12th Street Auto Care Center to provide friendly service and product satisfaction.

auto battery charge and replacement

Battery Components

While it may seem that a car battery is nothing more than a simple part you connect to your motor, there are actually a few different components to help keep your battery in place, to move power from the battery to your vehicle and more.

The Battery

Your car battery is the heartbeat of your vehicle. Without it, the interior lights wouldn’t turn on when you open the door and you wouldn’t be able to start your car. Depending on usage and climate, car batteries can last up to three years. If the weather is extremely cold, the lifespan of your battery will be shortened. But if you live in a very hot environment, your battery life will also be cut short. Many batteries come with warranties so if they lose power and can’t be recharged, you get a brand new battery — no questions asked.

Battery Terminals

These important components are electric contacts needed to connect your car battery to your car. Without them, your battery is unable to transfer power through the battery cables to your engine. These terminals are often made of copper due to copper’s high conducive ability.

When you inspect your engine, make a mental note to also take a look at your battery terminals. They should be free from grime and corrosion. If your terminals don’t look like they’re in good shape, come to 12th Street Auto Care Center, where our technicians can help replace them.

Battery Cables

Have you ever considered how the battery in your car actually charges your engine? The simple answer is with battery cables. There is a positive red cable that attaches to the positive terminal on your battery, and there is a negative black cable that connects to the negative terminal. The electricity from the battery flows through the cables to the metal terminals and through your engine to produce the power you need to turn on the radio, see your dashboard light up, turn on your headlights and more. These cables should be regularly inspected for unusual wear and a snug fit to keep your battery running efficiently.

Jumper Cables

If your battery is dying, or you accidentally deplete all the power from your battery by leaving the headlights on all night, you’ll need jumper cables to help jump start your car. These cables safely allow the transfer of power from one car battery to another, which enables you to start your engine and get to 12th Street Auto Care Center for a new battery or a full recharge.

It’s a good idea to always keep a set of jumper cables in your vehicle just in case of an emergency. You never know when you can help a stranger or friend in need, or when you may need a jump for your car. Call 12th Street Auto Care Center today for your auto battery check, recharge or replacement.

Battery Housing

The battery housing is what keeps your battery in place. If you purchase a battery that is too big or too small for your vehicle, it won’t settle properly in the housing. That means cables can get unplugged, the terminals won’t fit snugly and you will likely not receive the appropriate lifespan from the ill-fitting battery.

Signs Your Battery is Dying

There are many indicators your battery is reaching the end of its lifespan. But how can you be certain it’s your battery and not another component that’s having issues? Here are a few signs that your battery is dying.

  • Dim headlights
  • Clicking when you try to turn on your car
  • General electric issues
  • Bulging battery case
  • Old battery
  • Exposure to extreme cold or heat

These are all symptoms of a failing battery. If you are ever unable to start your car at all, turn on the radio or headlights, or even see any dashboard lights turning on, your battery has likely died and requires a jump and charge, or needs to be replaced entirely.

When your car, truck, SUV or van battery starts acting up, turn to 12th Street Auto Care Center. Our trained mechanics are happy to provide an auto battery check, recharge and replacement if need be.

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