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Engine Repair and Overhaul

The engine is truly the heart of every vehicle, and a smooth running motor can make every driver feel safe and in control on the road. When something unusual happens with your car: a weird sound; clanking; rocking side to side: it can damage that comfort you feel toward your car. Regular services can help to prevent engine failure, but not always. Call the professional auto mechanics at 12th Street Auto Care Center to schedule your engine overhaul or repair today.

ASE and AAA Approved Engine Rebuilders

With ASE Certified and AAA Approved auto repair mechanics, 12th Street Auto Care Center is the car shop you can trust to fix your vehicle’s engine, while saving you every penny possible. Our services are guaranteed to satisfy your needs and exceed expectations. Bring in any car with any engine, and we will run a full maintenance check, rebuild or overhaul, if needs be.

Engine Components

There are numerous parts and components to every engine, each of which serving their individual purpose that allows for heavy hauls or 0 to 60 speeds in a flash. With safety being our constant aim, we desire to maintain your car so it can get the job done and be out of harm’s way. We offer affordable prices and financing, as well as the assurance that our repair team can accurately diagnose issues with your vehicle and fix them without hassle or concern.

Engine Block

The body of the engine without its appendages is magnificent. With everything attached and in place, it is capable of handling internal combustion (IC) in cylinder walls, and propelling the driver forward at high speeds, or carrying huge capacities of weight. But a single crack can mean the end of an engine. When cracked, it cannot contain pressure produced when a spark plug fires liquid fuel, nor the piston pushing up and down to pressurize and depressurize the contents.

Signs of a cracked engine block include: overheating, white smoke from exhaust and coolant leaking from the engine’s side.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs ignite the compressed fuel deposited into the cylinders, which pushes the piston down, giving a driver the power to move. If a spark plug is worn or aged, or misfires, the engine will not work as efficiently, and can cause your engine or vehicle to vibrate uncontrollably, even rocking it side to side.

Signs of failing spark plugs include: hard starting conditions, rough idles, misfires, rough acceleration, poor fuel economy and a Check Engine warning light on your dashboard.


When a spark plug fires, the explosion of the fuel pushes the piston in the cylinder and gives your vehicle the power to move. Should a piston in your engine break, it could cause serious problems to your vehicle, even permanent damage.

Signs of a broken piston include: loud rattling, loss of power, burning oil or misfire.


Cylinders hold within its walls the un-ignited fuel, the spark that lights it, the piston and the fumes that are left after the gasoline burns. Should a cylinder become cracked, your vehicle could suffer damages or inefficiencies.

Signs of a cracked cylinder include: leaking oil, leaking coolant, poor performance, engine misfiring and smoke issuing from your engine.

Other Engine Parts

There are many other parts that make up the whole of an engine. Below, you will find a list of the smaller pieces that hold all the bigger pieces together and take just as much blunt trauma as they do.

  • Gaskets: mechanical seals fitted between two or more adjoining surfaces to prevent leakage while under compression.
  • Piston Rings: maintain the responsibility of controlling oil pressure, regulating the consumption of engine oil and securing a tight seal between the cylinder’s walls and the piston.
  • Connecting Rods: together with the crank, convert the motion of the piston, after being fired, into the rotation of the crankshaft, which helps to provide the vehicle with power, and balance the vibrations of the engine.
  • Bearings: found within an engine aid in the reduction of friction caused by the rotating and stationary parts of the engine, as well as provide support to the crank.
  • Wrist Pins: latch the piston to the connecting rod, and act as bearings on which the connecting rod pivots as the piston moves up and down.

Napa Service Assistant

You don’t have to be an expert to know that preventive maintenance is the best way to make sure your vehicle is running properly. Use our interactive vehicle tool to learn about the maintenance and services your NAPA AutoCare Center can provide.

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