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Coolant Hydrometer Testing

Visit 12th Street Auto Care Center in Sioux Falls, Sd for a coolant hydrometer test. Our ASE-certified mechanics are happy to conduct any test for any of your car, truck, van or SUV's auto systems. Bring your vehicle in today for all your auto maintenance, inspection, repair or replacement needs.

Testing Your Engine’s Antifreeze with a Coolant Hydrometer

If you need to test the color and consistency of your vehicle’s antifreeze, a coolant hydrometer can help. The coolant hydrometer test is used to see if your car, truck, van or SUV engine’s coolant is still effective within your engine cooling system.

Just fill the coolant hydrometer with some of your vehicle’s room-temperature antifreeze and note the “freeze point” and “boiling point” readings. The freeze point should not be higher than minus 34 degrees Fahrenheit, and the boiling point should read a minimum of 265 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the coolant inside your engine cooling system is greater than the freeze point or lower than the boiling point, call 12th Street Auto Care Center to schedule an appointment with one of our ASE-certified mechanics. You’ll need a coolant flush and refill, and our local Sioux Falls, SD auto repair center carries all the tools and special equipment to get the job done.

If you’re looking for a different method to test your auto engine coolant, rather than rely on the coolant hydrometer test, consider the voltmeter test.

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