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Coolant Hydrometer Testing

Expert cooling system mechanics are happy to fix and help maintain your engine's endurance. One method to keep it running is by ensuring that the cooling system protects against the engine from overheating. Often, unique equipment is required to service an engine's cooling system, which are possessed by vehicle repair shops like 12th Street Auto Care Center.

Testing Your Antifreeze with a Coolant Hydrometer

If the color and consistency of the antifreeze is not enough proof to show that your antifreeze is in need of being replaced, a coolant hydrometer might be able to read it accurately. The coolant hydrometer test can be used to see if your coolant is still effective in your engine cooling system. By pumping a little antifreeze into the hydrometer and shaking out the air bubbles, we can see, based on its temperature, whether or not the antifreeze inside your engine cooling system is potent enough to keep your engine cool while running, and effective enough to stop it from freezing in the wintertime, regardless of the coolant’s color. Another neat way we can test your coolant is by using the voltmeter test.

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